About Sweden Estates – Sweden’s global real estate marketplace

Sweden Estates is Sweden’s global real estate marketplace for homes and real estates for sale in Sweden. Homes and real estates in Sweden in all price ranges and all real estates types are accepted to publish. We encourage the real estate agents to publish a variation of homes and real estates as houses, cottages, apartments, farms, plots and commercial properties.

Each real estate agent is responsible for the publication and information about the real estates. All homes and real estates marketed on Sweden Estates are for sale in Sweden.

Every day, people from all over the world visit Sweden Estates to find homes and real estates. From the family looking for a new home to the perfect summer house to spend the free time in. Investors looking for the expensive luxury real estate to commercial properties to invest in. Sweden Estates – Sweden’s global real estate marketplace is a complement to the usual housing marketplaces in Sweden.

What can Sweden Estates offer?

For you as a real estate agent in Sweden

Sweden Estates helps you to market Swedish homes and real estate globally through this digital marketplace. With a simple click in your brokerage system, your houses or real estate can be published on Swedens global marketplace, Sweden Estates.

For you who want to buy a home or real estate in Sweden?

Sweden Estates is a marketplace for homes and real estates in Sweden, where you can navigate around and take advantage of published housing and real estates that are for sale. All published homes and real estates has a responsible real estate agent that you can contact if you are interested to buy.

Who are Sweden Estates


The team behind Sweden Estates have many years of experience working together with real estate agents and housing companies. We have great experience in development, technology, digitalization and have also worked with internet. In this context we have long experience of traditional marketing and e-marketing.

Developing Team

Sweden Estates has teams located in several parts of the world working on development and search optimization. Our strength is our knowledge and understanding of behavior globally reflected through our presence both inside and outside Sweden.


Sweden Estates has many partners. We are presently connected to Vitec and MSPEC’s brokerage systems. We work with marketing partners worldwide to achieve the best marketing of our objects in support of our promise to the market to provide up to date services marketing attractive properties globally.

Welcome to Sweden Estates – Sweden’s global real estate marketplace for homes and real estates for sale.