Sweden Estates, in cooperation with Sweden’s real estate broker, aim to develop, maintain and manage Sweden’s global marketplace for homes and real estate. This will be achieved by helping real estate agents and their customers reach a broader market by marketing outside Sweden. We strive to be responsive, flexible and efficient, to quickly realize the wishes of both real estate agents, vendors and buyers, users and visitors.

Our vision for Sweden Estates AB 

  • To be Sweden’s global marketplace for homes and real estate for sale.
  • To help real estate agents to market homes and real estate globally.
  • To enable more foreign speculators to find homes and real estate in Sweden.
  • That 90% of the visitors to Sweden Estates are resident outside Sweden.

Foreign ownership of holiday homes in Sweden 2016

In Sweden, 37 492 holiday homes were owned by foreigners in 2016.
The number of holiday homes owned by foreigners has increased by 19 370 objects, an increase of 107%, since 2000. Source: Statistics Sweden (SCB)

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