Your dream to buy a home or real estate in Sweden? Your dream can come true with Sweden Estates.
We have collected the best available Swedish homes and real estates in one global marketplace.

The real estate agents in Sweden helps you as a buyer through the entire deal. In Sweden, the seller pays a fee to the real estate agents, which includes the fact that the real estate agents will assist both sellers and buyers throughout the purchase of housing or real estate in Sweden.

When you have found a home or real estate that you are interested in, contact the responsible real estate agent who is responsible for the homes or real estate.

Sweden Estates recommends you as a buyer

  • Ask the real estate agent if there will be other costs and expenses for you as a buyer in addition to what you pay for the home or the real estate.

Welcome to Sweden Estates – Sweden’s global real estate marketplace for homes and real estates for sale.

Important information: Sweden Estates is only a marketplace for homes and real estates for sale. Sweden Estates is not a part or involved in the deal.

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