Frequently Asked Questions about Sweden Estates

Wich real estate do Sweden Estates think fit in on this marketplace?
Houses, plots, cottages, apartments, farms and commercial properties in all price ranges throughout Sweden.

We believe that all types of real estate are suitable for marketing on Sweden Estates. Sweden Estates has speculators looking for their new home, plots, summer cottage and expensive exclusive residence. Sweden Estates also has many investors searching for commercial real estate to invest in.

For how long will a real estate be published on Sweden Estates?
A real estate remains until it is removed by the real estate agent.

Who is responsible for the content of the published real estate?
Each real estate agent is responsible for the content of each real estate.

Does real estate agents need to sign an agreement to use Sweden Estates?
No, they do not need an agreement to use Sweden Estates. By publishing real estate to our marketplace, the real estate agent agrees to the terms of use of Sweden Estates.

Questions aboute payment

Why does the service cost?
We believe in a clean marketplace for real estate without lots of ads, and therefore Sweden Estates is financed through the publishing fee per real estate.

Who pays the publication fee?
The real estate agent who publishes the real estate will be charged by invoice.

Where is the invoice sent?
The invoice will be sent to the real estate agent e-mail unless otherwise agreed.

When is the invoice sent?
The invoice will be sent after publication with due date 30 days within 5 business days.

Service and support

If we need help?
You can always come in contact with us by e-mail or call us. You will find our contact here

Advertising on Sweden Estate

Why do not you sell advertisements?
Sweden Estates is a marketplace for Swedish real estate marketed globally. People visiting Sweden Estates are here to find their new home, summer cottage or to find a property to invest in. Sweden Estates offers these visitors a clean and clear website free from commercial advertising.

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