As a real estate agent you want the best for your clients

Sweden Estates now offers that chance for you and your clients with this global real estate marketplace. You as a real estate agent can now publish homes and real estate to Sweden Estates through your brokerage system with one click. We currently has integration with two leading Swedish brokerage systems and if you have a brokerage system that we don´t have the integration with today, contact us and we will create one for you for free of charge.

1Publish real estate

The real estate agents publishes from the brokerage system.


2User account will be create & E-mail notification

A process checks whether the responsible real estate agent has earlier published real estate. If this is the first time the real estate agent publishes a real estate, the following happens:
A user account is created for the real estate agent at Sweden Estates. The real estate agent receives an e-mail with login details to Sweden Estates. From your personal login, you can add English sales title and English sales description to your real estate.

3E-mail notification

The real estate agent will receive an e-mail confirming that the real estate will be published on Sweden Estates.


Within 20 minutes the real estate is published on the Sweden Estates marketplace. The real estate is available for sale until the realtor decides to un-publish.
If you notice that the real estate is not published or something is wrong, send a e-mail to

5Billing process

After publication, information is sent to our financial system (Fortnox) where an invoice is created.

6Update published real estate

Vitec – Update the real estate in Vitec, notification is automatically sent and the real estate is updated within 20 minutes.
MSPECS – The real estate is manually updated through Market -> Marketplace -> Sweden Estates -> Update.


The real estate agent can un-publish the real estate by brokerage system.
Vitec – Publishing & Services -> Sweden Estates -> Un-publish
MSPECS – Market -> Publish -> Sweden Estates -> Un-publish

8E-mail notification

The real estate agent receives an e-mail confirming that the real estate has been un-published from Sweden Estates.

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