Buy real estate in Sweden

A short guide to housing purchases in Sweden.

In Sweden, it is the real estate broker who manages the entire real estate deals and is an impartial intermediary between sellers and buyers.

Prepare yourself

Consider what your wishes are about the real estate and how your finances looks like.


Some views are open without notification and some have to be booked. It is always the seller who decides who can buy and when. The seller can sell the property before the planned view.


If you are interested in the real estate, you place a bid. When you place a bid, the real estate agent is obliged to submit the bid to the seller. The seller chooses whether or not the bid is accepted. The seller may also bid counter. The seller is not required to sell to the highest bidder.

Study duty

As a buyer, you have a far-reaching survey obligation of the real estate you are interested in. Talk to the real estate broker who can help and guide you with this.

Signing contract

It is the real estate agent who leads the negotiations between sellers and buyers. You must agree on the purchase price, the date of access and any other. terms. When you agree, you sign a purchase contract and it is only when this is signed by the buyer and seller as a binding agreement has been concluded.

Down payment

It is usually agreed that ten percent of the purchase price will be paid when the purchase contract is signed and that the remaining part is paid on the date of access.

Tenant owner

If you purchase a tenant ownership, you must apply for membership of the housing association immediately after purchase documents are registered. The purchase is not complete until you have been approved as a member of the housing association.


In the purchase agreement you have agreed on the date of admission. Then the financial settlement takes place.
At the time of purchase, buyers and sellers receive a journal of the broker explaining the brokerage process. The parties also receive a bidding list.
It is important to sign an insurance for the residence that applies from the date of access.

Title deed

Once you have purchased a real estate, you will also be signed a letter of purchase on the day of admission. The letter of purchase is sent to the Swedish authority property register. This is required for you to become lawful owner of the property. For legal expenses, you pay a percentage fee on the purchase price.

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