Cottage in Sweden for sale

Gällenäs 920, Gestad, Vänern/Gällenäs, Brålanda, Vänersborg, Västra Götaland

About the Real Estate

  • Property type:

  • Build year:

  • Number of rooms:

  • Living area: 30 sqm
  • Other living area:

    15 sqm
  • Plot size:

    1 290 sqm
  • Operating cost year:

    1 850 SEK

Address Information

  • Street address:

    Gällenäs 920
  • District:

  • Area Name:

  • City:

  • Municipality:

  • County:

    Västra Götaland
  • Country:

3 400 000 SEK

Unique and private property, beautifully located on an island in Lake Vänern!

Now you have the opportunity to acquire an unique property located on an island in lake Vänern, about 500 metres from a private boat jetty on land (easement for boat berth) and about 25 kilometres north of Vänersborg (by boat 13 kilometres).
This is one of the few islands with a house on it in south Vänern, and here you get a living all on your own and with nature as a party.

The mix between shallow and deeper water makes this a fantastic animal experience with many different bird species - among them are lark falcon, sea eagle and osprey a daily sight. Also moose, deer, and beaver are common on this island. 
The fishing is excellent and commonly known, and there is no problem to fish directly from the island. Here there is plenty of perch, pike and the famous Vänern salmon among others. Many big pikes have been pulled from the water around the island and the record among the seller’s friends is one that had a weight of 16 kilos (look at the picture in the collage).
There is also a path on the island, so that you can walk or jog around freely (not so far). 

If you want to take a swim, you can do it directly from the island, but the surrounding area is also known for its bays with sand, and its not far away from a long sand beach.
If you want to break the calm on the island, you can for instance go to the Sikhall campsite and swimming area which is situated about two kilometres from the property if you go by boat. In Sikhall you have a popular swimming area with shallow water, a shop and a restaurant which also has permission to sell alcohol.

The current owner bought the property about 11 years ago and has put a great deal of effort into making a pleasant stay on the island. Here you have, besides the cottage with sleeping loft, a sauna with a balcony (right beside the water) and a floating guesthouse.
Thanks to solar panels connected to batteries, the power question i solved, and wireless internet works fine as does television.
Besides the living area of 30 m² and the glazed terrace of 15 m², you have the sleeping loft of about 20 m² floor area (reachable from outside) and the floating guesthouse of about 30 m² (also including a small kitchen and a gas heater).

A smart solution makes it possible for you to have a hot shower in the shower cabin which is placed in the glazed terrace (first the water is heated and then you pour it into a container, enough for a shower up to ten minutes). Even the outdoor toilet has been upgraded - an ordinary toilet installed (newly installed water closet where flushing is manually operated. Further there is a traditional toilet without a sewer and a compost).
There is no well, instead the water is retrieved directly from Vänern.

The property is sold including loose items such as furniture, a 30 horsepowered powerboat (electrical outboard also included), a rowing boat, a working raft, TV and ”cinema facility”.
In addition a petrol unit (4 kW), a diesel heater (3 kW), and, on hand, a stock of firewood of about 3 m². 
A list will be established regarding the above mentioned loose items and those are considered separately from the property itself, so therefore a separate price will be settled for these things.

Besides having a unique living, you have almost no costs involved when it comes to the running of the property – what you have is a property fee (once a year), insurance, a fee to the road association and maintenance.

You are very welcome to contact the broker for more information and/or showment of the property.

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